Do not participate anymore!

Unfortunately we have stopped working on this website for years. Our new website,, is about something completely different.

We want to thank a lot those who have sent us manhole pictures and to apologize for not having the time publishing them.

If you travel or if your town has an original or interesting manhole cover, take a picture and send it to me. Here are a few hints so that your picture fits in nicely with the rest of the collection.


For practical reasons, the covers are taken from a certain angle. The best is to get as close as you can without cropping the cover's stand.



Light embellishes. If you are lucky, you can even play with the sun's reflexion by circling around the manhole. Watch out ! Shadows that tend to sneak into pictures are quite disgraceful.


If you want to become a good little coverseeker, you'll need an indispensible tool : the cover brush. It enables you to get rid of all the undesirable elements (fag-ends, dust, twigs and stones). I adopted a little washing up brush that has an integrated chewing-gum scraper.


Oh, by the way, don't worry if puzzled people stop to consider your task, you'll get used to it.


In order to send me a picture, contact me and I'll give you a mailing address. If you'd rather send me a scan, try to make it with at least 150 dpi (about 900 by 600 pixels), preferably in 200 dpi or more.

Don't forget to tell me where the picture was taken (the country, the town and if I dare ask... the exact location) and the approximative date and the photographer (name or pseudonym). State if the latter doesn't want his name to be mentioned in the thanks list.